Function, balance, harmony……… These three words describe who I am and what I consider to be the three most important elements of design.

Located on the Gold Coast is a small design studio, humming with ideas and a passion for anything interior. My love for design and above all, fabric was my motivation for becoming an artist. Living in coastal surrounds, yet being so close to the hustle and bustle of city life, inspiration is never hard to find.

As an accomplished interior designer, I have been inspired to design my own range of textiles and wallpapers, combining vintage inspiration with contemporary flair.

The Result? A collection of fresh patterns that can be utilsed across a range of base cloths and utilised for fashion, apparel, furnishings, wall papers, rugs and paper.


Sonya, lee & allan design


McAlister St Evening Blue Fabrics

McAlister St Evening Blue Fabrics